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All Worlds Wayfarer is run on a volunteer basis by two queer, disabled editors. Any money made from sales or donations goes to website hosting and paying the magazine's authors. All Worlds Wayfarer is both a passion project and a platform the editors hope to keep running for years to come, and while we hope that the magazine will be more self-sustaining in the future (With a budget that allows for paying larger honorariums to authors!), the editors are currently funding each issue largely out-of-pocket.

If you have the means to do so and choose to help us keep up our search for stories, we would be extremely grateful! Every little bit truly helps.

Here are a few ways to support All Worlds Wayfarer:

Buying Past Issues or Anthologies

While the current issue is free-to-read (in monthly chunks) on the website, every issue we've published is available in full as an ebook on Amazon for $2.99. Each sale not only helps fund the magazine but makes it more visible to Amazon's algorithms. Plus, each issue contains 12-16 stories (including exclusive bonus stories from issue IV and up) for you to enjoy!

Preordering Issues or Anthologies

Anthologies and issue Kindle editions are available for preorder prior to release. The issue Kindle editions also release one week before they go live on the website. Preordering not only makes sure you're one of the first poeple to read each new issue or anthology—it helps each release climb the algorithms and achieve the best possible launch.

Buying Merch

Merchandise featuring our logo is now available. Buy yourself a comfy sweatshirt to read in or a mug for your favorite fireside drink.

Donating via Ko-fi

Ko-Fi allows donations of any amount in $3 increments. Just one "Coffee" makes a dent.

Word of Mouth

If you want to help but can't comfortably do so financially, simply letting your reader or writer friends know about All Worlds Wayfarer or posting about us—our your favorite stories we've published—on social media goes a long way! Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are also very helpful, and each one makes the issues more visible to the algorithms.

How Can We Support You?

At All Worlds Wayfarer, we also seek to be there for our readers, authors, and the writing community.

If you'd like to get in touch with us (and some of our authors and fellow readers) directly, feel free to join our community Discord server. Ask our authors and editors questions, discuss submission opportunities, chat about your favorite speculative sub-genres, delve into writing craft, or promote your own stories and creations!

Our support email ([email protected]) is also open for questions, concerns, feedback, or just saying hi.

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