Issue XVIII: Vernal Equinox 2024: Story Set III

Our vernal equinox 2024 issue—one about discovering what you want from life as much as discovering new wonders and horrors—includes 15 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum. One set of stories from the issue is free-to-read each month. Fantastical yet personal, this final set is a haunting one. Read it between May 19th and June 19th!

Content Warnings

Small Passengers by JL George
"They daydreamed, sometimes, of covering their own limbs with pictures—curling vines and bright-hued insects and a whole jungle of different animals—but then there would be no space for their clients."

The Whale Roads in the Stars by Rebecca Harrison
"I waved goodbye to the ocean when it left."

The Little Men by L. Ann Kinyon
"This, too: where the dog tooth lilies and pink and purple violas grow, where the creek is shallow and slow, there the little men stay. No one sees them but me."

The Nightmare Peddler by Läilä Örken
"You will never see his face because it’s empty."

Down in the Wreck of the Promise by Sarah Jackson
"'I believe they’re the ones who were born on The Promise and died here too, before we arrived. The middle generations.” She looked around the room. 'This is the only world they ever knew.'"

Drawn to Wonder by Austin Jacques
"Drawing was my refuge, a way to feel something more."

More Adventures Await

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Worth the World by Geri Meyers (Bonus Story)
"He’d lined the bottom of his nest with shiny multicolored stones worn smooth and silky, beautiful and soft against his scales, and he’d padded the nest with plenty of fibers and soft petals and leaves, perfect for nestling eggs and fresh-hatched babes."

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