Our Magazine Issues are Currently on Hiatus


Hello, Wayfarers!

Right now, our focus is on planning, and soon, producing and publishing our next anthology, Into the Dark. So that we can give it our full attention, and concentrate our resources to make it the best it can be, our magazine issues are on a temporary hiatus.

They will be back, but due to some elements of our schedule being up in the air, we can't yet promise a date. We're loosely expecting to launch our next open call for magazine issues late this year or early next year. Once they are back, we'll be transitioning from four magazine issues per year to two, so that we can find a balance between the issues and other endeavors. We have a lot of exciting ideas for All Worlds Wayfarer's future that we're eager to explore!

In the meantime, Kindle editions of the 18 magazine issues we've published so far are available in our archive.

Thank you for sticking with us as we've evolved and will continue to evolve! Sign up for our newsletter if you want to stay updated about our magazine issues, anthologies, and other projects.