Issue XVII: Winter Solstice 2023: Story Set III

Our winter solstice 2023 issue—one searching for adventure and connection alike—includes 13 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum. One set of stories from the issue is free-to-read each month. Personal, tender, and sometimes painful, this set is a bittersweet and moving one. Read it between February 19th and March 18th!

Content Warnings

Arms Cold with Gravedirt by Deborah L. Davitt
"We’re getting the hang of this. It takes a graveyard to raise a child. Or maybe a child to raise a graveyard."

Two Wings by Anna Madden
"'Take them,' Serac said, picking out memories like lots."

Lossless by Kolya Osinoff
"Whichever way the protocols bend, they end up in a lossy image, one of us compressed and contorted beyond the other’s recognition."

A Thread to Remember You By by D.A. Straith
"Then I twist the fluff into the thinnest piece of fingering yarn and tie it around my finger. It’s not enough, but it will have to be."

The Left Hand that Saved the World by Lisa Malone
"Whenever Mara was asked about the day she saved the world, she would always turn the question back on the asker: do you know what it’s like to grasp a star in your palm?"

More Adventures Await

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A Small Thing by Geri Meyers (Bonus Story)
"Sometimes he wondered why he carried on, why he fed, why he exposed himself to the suffering of humanity."

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