Issue XVI: Autumnal Equinox 2023: Story Set I

Our autumnal equinox 2023 issue—one drenched in darkness yet with hope still shining through—includes 13 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum. A new set of stories from the issue will be free-to-read on our website every month. Chronicling transformations both personal and epic, this first set of stories will sink under your skin. Read it between September 23rd and October 22nd!

Content Warnings

SAGE by Chisom Umeh
"Humans are weird like that. They enjoy living, but for some reason they imagine that other beings do not feel the same way about themselves."

The Daughter of Naash by Hussain A. Ayoub
"I was the first to take the oath. Rage blinds me. Betrayal stings still this heart that lives on sorrow. Regret, in doing so, for I have condemned my sisters to wander the never-ending path."

Chirality by Ash Howell
"When you woke again, the knife was ready on the table."

Emergence by P.L. Salerno
"Your eyes are deep pools of black, no trace of the brown they used to be."

More Adventures Await

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