Issue XVIII: Vernal Equinox 2024: Story Set II

Our vernal equinox 2024 issue—one about discovering what you want from life as much as discovering new wonders and horrors—includes 15 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum. One set of stories from the issue is free-to-read each month. This sweet—and sometimes bittersweet—second set is equally thoughtful and adventurous. Read it between April 19th and May 18th!

Content Warnings

A Star, a Stone, a Sculpture, a Sculptor by JM Cyrus
"Autumn held the liberated crystal level with her eyes, staring at the shooting stars and fireworks within."

A Gift of Sweetness and Spice by Myna Chang
"Once in a lifetime, so the story goes, the twin moons of Sweetness and Spice rise together in the night sky."

"Asbury Park: October 1976" by Caitlin A. Quinn
"After all she’s been through in this life, doesn’t she deserve some happy ever after? Some true romance in her eternity? But something’s always wrong in these simulations."

Tranquil Waters by Maureen Bowden
"The pond sucked me down into its depths, but I was able to breathe and I felt no panic. This must be a dream. Fair enough."

More Adventures Await

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Worth the World by Geri Meyers (Bonus Story)
"He’d lined the bottom of his nest with shiny multicolored stones worn smooth and silky, beautiful and soft against his scales, and he’d padded the nest with plenty of fibers and soft petals and leaves, perfect for nestling eggs and fresh-hatched babes."

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