Issue II: Autumnal Equinox 2019

Unearth beautiful endings, chart brutal beginnings, and savor all the wonder in between by way of 12 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

The Lighthouse by Sharon Frame Gay
"She returned to bed before dawn, smelling of the sea, her body slipping next to mine when the sparrows began to sing."

Not Locks but Keys by Michael Walker
"He played the poem over in his mind. In the small, floating part of his mind that still belonged to him."

The Melodic Travels of a Man Selling Lives by Dennish Mombauer
"The countdown began, the shell enveloped Marcus—and all of a sudden, softly and without warning, he heard the music again, the exact same melody, in the exact same moment before the entry into foldspace."

Muzi’s Boon by Drema Deòraich
"The sight of villagers crowding her at every Flowering to beg selfish boons turned my stomach."

Players by Astra Crompton
"The itch in my code is excruciating now; a punishment for my disobedience but a price I am willing to pay."

I Wanted You to be Happy by Alexandra Grunberg
"The reason for the end of the world, was me."

A Fitting End by Tom Howard
"It would have been nice to have friends who existed outside of books, her only companions during her battle with DIPG."

The Waves by Lara Alonso Corona
"But you get used to all sorts of things. Like having the Old Town underwater."

Stowaway by John Visclosky
"She knew that Venus was not like Earth. On Venus, there was still work. It was a planet with a future, where even a girl from a dusty village could be whatever she wanted."

Reflections by Hugh McStay
"It was through the mirrors that the nightmares came."

A Cure for Spring by Larina Warnock
"'I wanted…' Carmyne gasped between every word. 'I wanted it to feel like the end of everything.'"

The Linear Concept of Time by C. S. Lytal
"'But maybe they can’t come back to us. Maybe we have to go to them,'” I say, thinking of the tunnel of darkness and stars."

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