Issue VI: Autumnal Equinox 2020

Discover and dream with 12 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

Death and Natalie, Natalie and Death by Jordan Taylor
"Death was crying. She wasn’t supposed to cry."

Power Down by Nicole Tanquary
"Human or droid, this was the start of an interrogation process that had a lot riding on it."

The Proclamation by Regina Higgins
"'Be it known that, by order of the Council, all registered wise women must cease and desist the practice and teaching of Divination'"

The Lightning Boy by Taylor Rae
"Through the binoculars, my next life spells itself out in flashbulb images."

Green Skin Deep by Mary E. Lowd
"'We’re so much alike,' Trinth said, forming the sound of the words through her flute-like reeds."

Blame the Monster by Jennifer Lee Rossman
"They dared to dream of a world that punished the monsters instead of the victims."

The Invisible Ones by Alexis Ames
"They said that if we talked about it, we would die, because that’s precisely what happened in quarantine."

The Tramping Ground by Carol Gore
"The kids at school didn’t believe I talked with Satan most afternoons."

Kafka and the Castle by Austin Shirey
"The castle seemed to stretch on into infinity, filled with thousands of doors and windows that all led nowhere."

Mourning on Calendas by DL Shirey
"Monuments ringed the impact crater in bunches—two here, six there—as if they were sharing secrets."

Cat or Crow by Edward Black
"Condition the First: Each wish wished must be accompanied by a negative desire."

Directions by Lore Graham
"Unlike many fans, he was content to be a mundane piece of that magical world."

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The Finale by Rowan Rook
"By the end of the night, the audience will be as dead as their dreams."

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