Issue XIV: Vernal Equinox 2023: Story Set I

Our vernal equinox 2023 issue—one rippling with change, comfort, and courage—includes 12 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum. A new set of stories from the issue will be free-to-read on our website every month. This first set of stories is diverse—taking you from desolate but fantastical deserts to deathly forests and distant space—yet united by the power of desperation and desire. Read it between March 20th and April 19th!

Content Warnings

An Echo of the Desert in the Sky by Erin Darrow
"As she closes her eyes to rest, her fingers graze the scarlet feather. An impossible last chance to make amends."

Gremlin by Gerri Leen
"But the more the gremlins gave, the more they took. And people got addicted."

Dance of the Pariah by J. M. Turner
"We hunger. The wulfengeist, the wicked spirit of the wolf, growled within her."

Our Forests by Anna Ziegelhof
"For the first time in twenty years, what I heard and what I saw were aligned."

More Adventures Await

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