Issue III: Winter Solstice 2019

Brave wonders and horrors on Earth and beyond by way of 13 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

The Children of Gods by MM Schreier
"She didn’t answer. Instead, she reached out with her pail and scooped up asteroids, meteorites, stardust."

The Fool by Ashley Clayson
"Tori hated that phrase, time travel. As if that was all she was doing. As if she wasn’t one of the world’s leading experts in tempo-spatial multiverse splits."

Dragon Crossing by Jennifer Shelby
"Gavin recognized it now. The sound of a dragon in mourning. He’d imagined this when he thought of what his funeral might be like."

Priestess of the Waters by Rebecca Buchanan
"Sallali pulled out the clove cigarette and rolled it between his fingers: a nervous tell. 'The nymphs won’t let the body go.'"

La Pequeña Roja by Abby Vogler
"It wasn't a real island, not like the ones that the old folks talked about. Their islands were dome-shaped concrete houses that dotted the Okaloosa wetlands like bubbles in bath water."

The Barn by Ria Hill
"'I see a sign,' he says. 'But it’s not much help. It just says ‘aeternam.''"

Children of the Pulsars by Matthew Winchester
"It had cost him $1500 to get it there—there being a rocky exoplanet dubbed Tiyan-54b. He had chosen it because it was unpopular, drawing significantly less traffic than the many earth-likes that clogged Instagram feeds."

Ari and the Tiger by H.R. Wasserstein
"Ari can’t remember her life before the tiger stalked her. She steps out into the sun, feels the warmth of it on her skin, and knows that he is there."

The Mangaka Lover by Russell Hemmell
"'You can’t make love…because of one of your characters? Is he jealous, maybe?' I tried to keep the incredulity out of my voice, but irony seeped in nonetheless."

The Rat-Bug War by Avra Margariti
"'You want the bugs to lay eggs in your ears? The rats to gnaw your bones? Fine by me. Just warn me next time I decide to keep you safe.'"

Lost Loves by Joyce Reynolds-Ward
"We reached the space where the woman and the horse had disappeared into the wall and Sox stopped. He nuzzled the wall twice, then repeated his mournful whicker."

Candlelight by Barry Charman
"Is this a dream? An understandable thought. A necessary one, for sanity. You remember blowing out the black candle. The one you were warned not to light."

Last Night on Earth by Steve Haywood
"More than anything right then, I wanted to see one last sunset."

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