Issue VIII: Vernal Equinox 2021

Journey into the dark in search of light with 14 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

The Cadillac by Joanne Askew
"I drove ’til it was dark. It freed me. It made me feel again."

The Youngest by Susan D. Smallwood
"Each of my sisters who had surfaced and swam among the humans brought back knowledge to share with the rest of us."

The Goblin Tree by Liam Carton
"I was old enough, I decided, to see the goblins for myself, up close and without the need for binoculars."

Consummation by Robb T. White
"I used to know when it was real, when it was only a dream."

Wake Up by Jason P. Burnham
"'Captain, I’m not certain I understand your question, but let me answer what I think you are asking,' said the ship. 'Our journey has lasted considerably longer than was originally intended.'"

The Man Who Never Returned by Jennifer Quail
"She was standing so perfectly still, I missed when she raised her eyes and looked across the tracks at me."

Entangled by David Whitmarsh
"'The Entanglement procedure opens a door that’s already ajar.' She gestures as she talks—lively, graceful hands. 'Did you ever see a face for the first time, but it’s already familiar?'"

A Winter's Kiss by Rachel Cochran
"I am willing to sell every last scrap of me, to give myself to him body and soul, if only he will permit me to remain in these halls."

Enlightenments, As Reported by Two Residents of Independence, Oregon by Ross Showalter
"I felt like I was in a place where I knew nothing. There were no rules anymore; anything could happen. I didn’t feel scared by that. I laid back down and tried to sleep."

Healing Potions by Andrey Pissantchev
"The warrior is in a bad way."

Trapped and Eternal by Todd Moore
"The playground had been emptied of bodies by the automated cleanup crews. The Eternal towers glowed in the predawn like a sneer."

Chimera by M.E. Proctor
"The more Sam learned, the more he read, the more he admired the scope of his grandfather’s vision. Sirius had imagined a garden of myth, a cosmogony of monsters."

Of Feathers and Flowers by Xan van Rooyan
"To be so easily unmade. Ara longed for it."

Ascending Earth by Sarah Jane Justice
"In a sudden panic, she rushed around the confined space, assessing every corner of the craft that would take them away from Earth."

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In the Blink by Rowan Rook
"If someone near me will suffer or die within the next day or so, I witness it, literally in the blink of an eye."

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