Issue IX: Summer Solstice 2021

Continue the journey with 14 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

Exile's Heart by Nicola Kapron
"The man in the river coughed up fire, threw his head back, and screamed."

Remembered Voices by Joe Giordano
"Strange—I seemed to have been dropped into a 1940s movie set, but where were the cameras and crew?"

The Afflicted by Ara Hone
"Samey, my forever friend, deserved a last glimpse of topside before her change."

Ballad of the Monsoon Seas by Avra Margariti
"He thought he caught another gleaming smile hooked in the corner of her mouth. 'You mean you came here to exploit the priestesshood’s goodwill. A pirate, indeed.'"

The Jogger by Jenny Maloney
"His skill at finding the dead has been impeccable for almost seven decades."

Putzy's Perfumes by Beth McCabe
"Ellis’ body flooded with endorphins in the close, fragrant air of the shop."

Deserved by Randall Drum
"Arthur hated funerals almost as much as he hated his mother."

Ghosted by W. E. Wertenberger
"But if we were right about the size of this Ghost deposit, money wasn’t going to be a concern for me or my descendants for generations to come."

This Old House by Angie Calder Telepenko
"I may not be much to look at now, but they used to be so proud of me."

The Parking Level by Victoria K. Martin
"Access to the parking level during travel is strictly prohibited for all passengers and staff. Vehicles in this area will be monitored and maintained by an onboard AI to ensure they are in working order upon arrival."

The Dreamer by Julie Cohen
"She remembered the taste of air suddenly. Real air, true fresh air not scarred by decay."

The Tower She Built by Nicki Vardon
"The wings would look beautiful when finished. Beautiful. White and blemish-free as on the statues in the winding way."

The Sweetest Things by Carol Scheina
"But sweets came easy for my love, Aimee. She could call down the clouds with a simple wave of her hands."

Down Phoenix Alley by Court Ellyn
"For a moment she dared to believe a flower was going to fix everything."

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Child of Dreams by Geri Meyers
"I’ve dreamed of you since I was small."

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