Issue XIII: Winter Solstice 2022

Enter the intersection of fury and love, horror and hope, with 12 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

Dreaming of Humancity by Ai Jiang
"While others feared the myths of the young Mer and her death as sea foam, others eagerly left Atla in pursuit of the Human Dream."

Ursa Major by Shelly Jones
"She tried to imagine Earth, before its desiccation, before the rust-filled air had swallowed the sun."

The Humble, Hobby Horticulturist by Andrea Goyan
"We were the All That Is, and we were happy."

Left Behind by Callie Cameron
"'My name is...' but she stopped. Her name was... it was right there on the tip of her tongue."

Stone Fuidhir by Jennifer Jeanne McArdle
"'I didn’t know I could make a creature like you, so tenderhearted."

Leave the Pieces by Jason P. Burnham
"I'm supremely competent at my job in three dimensions—it's the fourth that really messes things up."

Soul in the Sea by C. M. Fields
"You press through the water, leaving a glittering wake as the great ship draws you closer into its embrace."

To Have and to Hold by Sarah Tollok
"'They are asking if the other is sure, if they have searched their minds for any reservations, for it will soon all be laid bare.'"

Aqua Regia by Stephanie Parent
"By the time she’d passed fifteen years of age, the chain and globe weighed like a shackle against her golden flesh."

Shivers of History by Emmie Christie
"Meld with us, several voices clamored. Give us what you know."

The Coffin Maker by Oliver Fosten
"Nobody who set their eyes upon it didn’t immediately fall into awe."

Memories by Ioanna Papadopoulou
"I turned to look behind me, on the road I had walked only once before toward the cave that linked the two worlds."

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The Runaways by Rowan Rook
"But as the ship neared, and the rumble of its engine churned like a hymn, he knew the answer."

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