Issue X: Autumnal Equinox 2021

Venture into the dark to find the light with 14 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

Biological Conflict by K.T. Roth
"I was born shortly before my eighteenth birthday, and I'll die soon, a decrepit man at thirty-five."

The Meaning of Isolation by Josh Warriner
"On that day, he was afraid, perhaps terrified, of what it really meant to be alone."

The Lady of Rêver by Shelby Cohen
"Rêver and all her secrets now belong to me."

Ascension by Gwen Montealto
"Other churches didn't need to feed their gods."

After Death by Elizabeth Davis
"She remembered her own sleepover rumors whispered under the radio, of poor drowned Ophelia."

Terrible Tilly Hunts the Cadborosaurus by Laurel Beckley
"There were rules. She needed a living monster. Actual, undeniable proof that the cadborosaurus existed."

Dead Eyes by M.E. Proctor
"Maybe evil spirits get impatient, just like us."

A Simulation by Philip Charter
"Going one level deeper was surely the key to exponential human potential."

Riding with Euripides by Laura J. Campbell
"'A lot of truth can be found in nothingness,' Sarah replied to the ghost."

Blood Brothers by Tom Howard
"'You're too young to remember what vampires are really like.'"

Widow's Walk by Shannon Frost Greenstein
"We chose the house, but the widow's walk chose me."

Upper G by Maya Djurisic
"The voice sounds like yours, and so you obey."

What Ye Sow by Joshua Keown
"We wonder how he'd react if we were to tell him that these superstitious rituals are worthless."

The Necromancer's Husband by Ali LaForce
"Since then, Necromancy began creeping into respectability inch by inch, along with the steam engine train and dresses short enough to reveal women’s ankles."

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Joy Ride by Rowan Rook
"'There are bloodstains in the back. Didn't think they were still fresh.'"

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