Issue V: Summer Solstice 2020

Search for light in the dark inside 13 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

Wolf by Carla Durbach
"The scents of human sweat, wildfire, and fear rise like water vapor in the frosted midnight air."

Cinnamon and Copper by E. J. Sidle
"When I see him, my mouth fills with teeth."

The Hanging Tree by Chris Reeve
"I cannot shake the idea that we have somehow set something in motion, something that can’t be stopped."

Metallic Sun by Garrett Rowlan
"She thought she saw something, a brightness in the dark, a sign of artificial life: a hint of light behind the eyes."

In the Silent Garden by Rebecca Buchanan
"She stared, sightless and still, into the distance, her body covered in cold moss."

Scenes from the End of a World by Stewart C. Baker
"'Greetings, lottery winners!" said the man in the holo, smiling too broadly to be sincere. "And welcome to the future.'"

The House at the Lakeside by Prisha Mehta
"But there was nothing there, only the sunlight, dampened by the rain, and the lake hissing up at me like a thousand shards of glass."

Bob's Emporium of Wonders by Matt Gomez
"'Is this the kind of place where you sell me something, and in the end, I realize I had what it took all along to fix my problems?'"

Transfer by Esther Clark
"There are three doors. One is bright blue like topaz; one is a deep red like wine; one is pitch black with white trim."

The Return by L. D. Oxford
"In her dreams, she returned to the island."

The Road to Salvation by Eva Schultz
"Here he was, walking down a makeshift street in the desert to his father and his fate."

The Fear Inventory by Elizabeth Guilt
"'I will have your fear, it will be mine to enjoy. I will be able to taste it when you dream your worst nightmares.'"

When the Sand Runs Out by Addison Rizer
"The end of the world was lonely, but so had the world been before. At least now we could blame it on the virus when our smiles didn’t reach our eyes."

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The Guardian by Geri Meyers
"'What sort of queen could you be without command of your guardian?'"

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