Issue XI: Winter Solstice 2021

Discover the secrets within worlds and in us with 15 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

A Treasure Lies in a Cage High Above the Forest by Joshua Flowers
"'Remember this songbird, you can never leave your cage. You think the world outside is wonderful, but it is not.'"

Keeping Toll by Calley Odum
"The Tollkeeper’s hands laced together in a cup, outstretched."

The White Fish by Felix Taylor
"'So you know the way the world will go,' she said, 'but not that brambles will scratch?'"

Sabor by Jason P. Burnham
"I joined the military for the coffee. That’s what you do when you’re young and unattached."

Crane Wife, Owl Lover by KB Baltz
"'You are hardly the first man to take a crane as wife. Be glad you have wed such a loyal woman; she is yours alone for life.'"

Breath by S.A. McKenzie
"Master Herron, however, liked to take care, matching an automaton with what he considered the most appropriate essence."

Iron and Ash by Aaron Emmel
"Where the Tenas’ heads had been smashed with maces and their ornamented houses burned to the ground, the valley was filled with flowers."

Free-Time by Steve Simshauser
"The two species now thrived through a cooperation that benefited both gylar and human: a symbiosis."

Beacons in the Dark by Henry Sanders-Wright
"As soon as the beacon is lit, Frostmere will ride for war—how many more sons, husbands, and friends will we lose this time?"

Those Who Wear Glass Shoes by Toni Artuso
"Upon entering the ballroom for the first time while openly female, wonderful sensations overwhelmed the Princess."

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep by Edward Ahern
"Humans hate to say goodbye to themselves."

Sonata by Em Harriett
"The instant her bow passed the first string, one of the stones lit up with golden light from within and began to hum along in pitch."

In Shady Leaves of Destiny by Fred Coppersmith
"'Before I could even walk or speak,' she says, 'before I could put words or action to my visions, I knew how you were going to die.'"

Three Deaths and a Life by Frances Koziar
"Maybe I had just needed a moment that was too beautiful to leave, a moment that I could take with me in farewell, a moment that offered some comfort for my grief."

Iron Baba by Shelly Jones
"Do you hate this forest, these trees, so much that you would see them all cut down?"

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Arrol Can't Dance by Geri Meyers
"'I just want to be a part of the music. Why can’t I do it?'"

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