Issue IV: Vernal Equinox 2020

Discover dreams and memories—the new and the nostalgic—inside 13 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum.

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Content Warnings

Hettie Johnson and the Orb Rider by Paul Stansbury
"'Out there,' Solasta calmly answered, gesturing toward the sky, 'beyond your sun, beyond your galaxy, to the farthest star you can see. Out there, wonders await.'"

In Between Saturday Morning Cartoons by Katherine Bergeron
"Slowly, you became aware of a presence in the room. You caught their scent before you could see them—they smelled like the hot dust on a television vent."

After You by Hamilton Perez
"'Cheer up,' she says. 'The fire and brimstone’s only on this side.'"

Scavengers by Chrissie Rohrman
"She has been all over the galaxy, has seen men killed before her eyes, but has never felt an immediacy of danger quite like this."

Found by E. A. Petricone
"Make me like you, Melissai whispered. The bee alighted upon the whorl of Melissai’s fingertip, as though he would hear her plea."

Appetence by Kevin Kekic
"She still remembers its sweetness. The blood and meat. The crunch of bone between her teeth."

Freshmint by M. B. Vujacic
"'I don't give a damn what Gabe thinks. I'm not risking my life for a box of goddamn hookah tobacco.'"

Glazed Eyes by Brian Ennis
"'Come, one and all,' the Marionettist cried. "Come and be entertained!'"

Back to the Killing Field by Brenda Anderson
"Then they’d found her head, face upward, soil embedded in her partly-opened mouth. From it, flowers had sprung up."

Reality Rip by Elana Gomel
"What I had seen in the Red Bluff rip had seared itself upon my brain."

Trompe L’oeil by Ben Howels
"Freddy used the same finger, delicately stroking at the textured paint. There was warmth there—the shiver of muscle fibers."

I Am Mazillion by Mary E. Lowd
"A tenth of my bodies died on that trip through deep, cold space. Decimated. I wondered so many times if it was worth it."

The Nordlyset by T. D. Komoff
"Snow didn’t have memories. Any impressions he made would be wiped away by wind and storms, leaving nothing but an empty peace."

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A Decent Person by Rowan Rook
"'No,' Silver assured, 'I cannot hurt a human for any reason.'"

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