See the World Through Other Eyes

Stories take us beyond the bounds of our own lives—into new worlds and new situations. Perhaps most importantly, they invite us into new minds. Through the eyes of the characters we temporarily become, we not only live other lives, but discover new ways of looking at our own. Speculative fiction takes us a step farther—beyond the bounds of humanity, itself.

In Through Other Eyes, the first All Worlds Wayfarer anthology, immerse yourself in 30 unique stories featuring non-human protagonists, from aliens to dragons and monsters to mythical beings. Become someone—and something—else.


Release Date: 12/15/20


Nicola Kapron, Erica Ciko Campbell, A.E. Stueve
Stephen McQuiggan, Carson Winter, Garrett Rowlan
Steve Hayward, Anna Ziegelhof, Frances Pauli,
Catherine J. Cole, Dave D'Alessio, Britt Foster
Carla Durbach, Carol Holland March, Joel Donato Ching Jacob,
Aviel McDermott, Kathrine Machon, Coleman McClung
Jessa Forest, Matthew Gomez, Julie Cohen
Lisa Short, M.M. Schreier, E. Seneca,
Geri Meyers, Rowan Rook, Roni Stinger,
Spencer Mann, Simon Brown, Chrissie Rohrman


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