Content Warnings

The Lighthouse: Loss of Partner

Not Locks but Keys: Implied Cannibalism, Apocalyptic Scenario

The Melodic Travels of a Man Selling Lives: Body Dysmorphia

Muzi’s Boon: Abduction

Players: Stalking, Misogyny

I Wanted You to be Happy: Abduction, Misogyny, Apocalyptic Scenario

A Fitting End: Terminal Illness

The Waves: Climate Change Disaster, Apocalyptic Scenario

Stowaway: Abduction, Abusive Immigration Practices

Reflections: Intense Homophobia, Hate Crime, Murder, Implied Suicide, Occult Elements, Apocalyptic Scenario

A Cure for Spring: Death of Sibling, Terminal Illness

The Linear Concept of Time: Loss of Partner