Content Warnings

Dreaming of Humancity: References to: Slavery, Abduction, Prostitution

Ursa Major: Death

The Humble, Hobby Horticulturist: References to: Institutionalization

Left Behind: Murder, Abandonment, Memory Loss

Stone Fuidhir: References to: War, Servitude, Classism

Leave the Pieces: Pet (Dog) Injury/Illness

Soul in the Sea: References to: Ableism

To Have and to Hold: N/A

Aqua Regia: Implied Incest, Implied CSA, Captivity, Contemplation of Suicide

The Runaways (Kindle Edition Bonus Story): Implied Domestic Abuse

Shivers of History: N/A

The Coffin Maker: Mob Violence

Memories: References to: Abduction