Content Warnings

A Treasure Lies in a Cage High Above the Forest: Violence/Injury, Captivity

Keeping Toll: Sacrifices, Grief

The White Fish: Serious Illness

Sabor: War, Climate Crisis, References to: Violence/Injury/Gore/Death

Crane Wife, Owl Lover: Death, Grief, Infidelity, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Sex

Breath: Death, Grief, Traffic Accident, References to: War

Iron and Ash: Violence, References to: War

Free-Time: Violence/Injury, Air Accident, Symbiosis, References to: War, Slavery/Captivity, Soul-Eating, Unethical Exploitation

Beacons in the Dark: Suicide, Death, Grief, Mental Health Struggles, References to: War

Those Who Wear Glass Shoes: Mild References to: Transphobia, Homophobia

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep: Suicide, Serious Illness, Occult Elements, References to: Sex

Arrol Can’t Dance (Kindle Edition Bonus Story): n/a

Sonata: n/a

In Shady Leaves of Destiny: References to: Murder, Death, Intentional Death

Three Deaths and a Life: Suicide, Violence, Death, References to: War, Sex

The Iron Baba: n/a