Content Warnings

Exile’s Heart: War

Remembered Voices: Suicidal Ideation, Usage of a Racial Slur

The Afflicted: Death, Apocalyptic Scenario

Ballad of the Monsoon Seas: Occult Elements

The Jogger: Violence, Gore, Serial Killings

Putzy’s Perfumes: n/a

Deserved: Death, References to: Abuse, Occult Elements

Ghosted: Death

This Old House: Death

The Parking Level: n/a

Child of Dreams (Kindle Edition Bonus Story): Pregnancy Loss

The Dreamer: War, Violence, Gore, Death, Occult Elements

The Tower She Built: Abuse, Abduction, Occult Elements

The Sweetest Things: Illness, Death, Grief

Down Phoenix Alley: War, References to: Violence, Apocalyptic Scenario